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The new collection "Aurora Borealis" from textile artist Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten has come to life in a creative cooperation with photo artist Richard von Hofsten. Together they have created an iconic portraiture of the shiftings of the scandinavian seasons.

The textiles are completeley organic and handmade in India, consiously produced in harmony with nature. Richards magical imagery opens the door to a mystical world full of wonders. Prepare yourself to be seduced by the beauty of nature.

Mankind has always been dependent on the resources and the state of their mother earth.  

It is with gratitude and humbleness for the creation that we walk together into the future with a greater understanding of our severe impact on our surroundings. Consiously we navigate through life with the intention of existing in harmony with the matter and energy around us. When mankind starts to extract energy in ways that dances effortless with cosmos and selflessly share these scientific innovations with their fellow inhabitants they are ready to take the next steps in their evolution. Because energy is all around us.



Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten’s artistic work is portrayed by a very personal colour palette that she finely tunes composing the abstract symbols and shapes mainly drawn from the elements of nature which she, through her artistic sound expression reflects a feminine touch and elegance.  Working from her studio expressing creativity from paint to weave Anna Charlotte develops the original works transferring them to be compiled and produced by skilled weavers in Northern India who 

reproduce her personal colours through plants and textile elements that are key in Anna Charlotte’s artistic and textile work.



  walking through the shifting seasons,    bringing nature indoors   


"Sunflowers in Stillnes"

out of 100% organic wool

All herbal colours.

Yellow colour from sunflowers.

Pile 3,5-4 cm

Fringes 17-18 cm

200 cm in diameter


  one season, one shot,

 full of symbols and metaphors   

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